Save Water

When you grow your garden you need to choose the best irrigation method to irrigate your trees and plants adequately. You may use drip irrigation or drip watering systems for your tress and shrubs if you wish to apply water directly to their roots where water is needed. However, there are certain things which you can consider for effective watering that can also save water and your money as well. Here are some simple tips regarding how to save water which you can follow when it comes to irrigating your garden.

Plan Your Irrigation Schedule Well:

1. Do not follow your irrigation schedule blindly. Before watering, check well for the moisture level in the soil and decide accordingly.

2. Do not keep up the same watering schedule for all situations. On the contrary, make some changes according to seasonal or weather conditions.

Using Sprinklers:

4. You can use sprinklers if you have large areas of grass. You can avoid water being wasted if you water small patches by hand.

5. If you use sprinklers, adjust them in such a way that your targeted lawn is watered instead of sidewalks!

6. You need to set your sprinklers in such a way that they deliver big drops of water near the ground because smaller drops would evaporate before they reach the soil.

Check for Leaks:

7. If you wish to save water, you should check your faucets, hoses and sprinklers for leaks.

8. If you use sprinklers, check valves periodically for leaks. Moreover, you should keep your sprinkler heads in good shape.

Choose the Best Time:

9. Irrigate your garden or lawn in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are cooler so that you will have less changes of water evaporation.

10. Never attempt to irrigate your lawn on windy days otherwise most of the water will blow away or will evaporate.

When It Rains:

11. You can plant in the fall when weather conditions are cooler and rainfall is plentiful.

12. You can use a rain gauge, or empty tuna can, with a view to track rainfall on your lawn. It will help you reduce your water supply accordingly.

13. It is good to install a rain sensor on your irrigation controller. If you do so, your irrigation system won’t run when it is raining and you will save your water.

Other Important Things to Remember:

14. You may spread a layer of organic mulch around your plants. Mulch will help you retain moisture and save your water, time and your money.

15. When it comes to watering, you should check the root zone of your garden or lawn to see moisture using a spade. This will help you determine whether your garden needs water or not.

16. You can make group of plants with the same watering needs together so that you may avoid over-watering some while under-watering others.

17. Irrigate your garden plants deeply but less frequently which will encourage deep root growth and more drought tolerance.

18. Irrigate your plants only when they require water. Please remember that plants often die because of over-watering than under-watering!

So when it comes to watering your garden lawn or plants, remember the above mentioned tips which will help you save water, and your money as well. If you think that you should get more information regarding how to save water or ways to conserve water, then you may consult your local nursery or checkout some good informative gardening websites.

Tips On How To Save Water

Plan your irrigation schedule well

Use sprinklers

Check for leaks

Using rain water

Other important tips