Micro Irrigation for Home Gardening

Micro irrigation is a family of irrigation systems which provides water to the surface of the soil with the help of drip watering system. Such water irrigation system delivers water to the parts of the plant or below the soil surface directly to the plant root zone. Thus, the micro irrigation refers to the low pressure irrigating system that sprays, mists, sprinkles or drips the soil. It is also known as drip irrigation system.

The micro-irrigation systems are preferred in the less productive and urban areas. Even the areas where water supplies are limited and expensive like sub humid and humid zones also favor the micro irrigation system.


The application of water in a micro irrigation system is with the help of an emitter, which is a metering device made from the plastic that delivers a little but an appropriate amount of water to the plants. The water delivered through these emitters is usually expressed in gallons per hour. It drives away water pressure through the long-paths, small orifices or diaphragms. It provides water at a constant range of pressures. There are different modes to deliver water through emitter devices like bubbler mode in which the water ‘bubbles out’ from the emitter, drip mode in which water is provided in the form of drops, and micro-sprinkler mode, which sprays and sprinkles the water. Thus with the help of such devices the plants are provided with water even in the time of its shortages.


The drip irrigation system consists of many advantages which makes this system the most efficient and effective irrigation system. Some of such aspects can be summed up as follows:

•    SAVES WASTAGE OF WATER– The micro irrigation system aims at protecting the wastage of water through construction of small water wells in the nearby area. The problem of water evaporation, runoff and deep percolation are also reduced as compared to the traditional methods of watering.

•    SAVES ENERGY RESOURCE– This system acts a friendly system of irrigating as it saves the unnecessary utilization of the energy resources. Here, a small power unit is constructed which helps in minimizing the energy wastage.

•    PROTECTION OF CROPS-The irrigation system used in micro irrigation system helps in protecting the emergence of weeds and other crop diseases, as it restricts the accumulation of water near the crops.

•    SAVES MANUAL LABOR– This system helps in providing the useful chemicals and water content automatically through the irrigating devices which reduces the physical stress. Moreover it also saves the wastage of time.

•    IMPROVES PRODUCTION LEVEL– The application of micro irrigation system need not require the leveling of land on hilly regions, as it protects the runoff of water and chemicals from the soil. Thus, it maintains the fertility of the soil and also improves the level of productivity.

Thus the system of micro irrigation has to be properly managed and taken care of to obtain its better results.

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