Greenhouse Irrigation

Drip irrigation can be useful for your greenhouse irrigation. Learn how you can make best use of a drip system for your greenhouse.

You know that plants in your greenhouse completely depend on how you offer them water. In hot climate, if you fail to offer water in right proportion, the growth of your plants may become slow and they may loose their strength to defend against disease and pets. So, to keep your greenhouse working properly, you need to choose the best watering system and nothing will work more efficiently than a drip irrigation system.

Adjust Your Water Supply

A drip system can deliver a precise amount of water right to the roots level. When your plants are going through the growth stage, you should keep limit on your water supply. And you will need more water when your plants are going through the phase of flowering and fruiting. Using timer, you can adjust the supply of water. You can prefer automatic irrigation system that can help you make your task easier when it comes to watering your plants in the green house.

In a small greenhouse, you can set your timer to deliver about ¼ gallon of water per day per plant which means that 15 minutes at 1 gallon per hour. It is the minimum water supply rate you should set for your plants so that in sunny hot days, they will not wither away due to inadequate amount water supply. If you use a drip system, the surface of your soil might appear little arid on hot days, but at the base of plant roots there will be enough moisture.

Irrigation Drip System Is Beneficial for Greenhouse

There are several benefits of drip irrigation system if you use properly for greenhouse plants. One of the most remarkable advantages of it is leafs remain dry which is important because many plants in the greenhouse may develop fungus if the foliage is wet. You may come across many greenhouses where you will see plants suffering from either over watering or insufficient watering. So, the best solution is best irrigation design and nothing can work better than a drip watering system in terms of offering adequate amount of water to the plants.

Though, a drip system offers water supply which is a slow process compared to hand watering but the benefit is the soil in the containers never washed away. Moreover, with little amount of water supply you can keep your plants grow steadily. Plants in the greenhouse need steady water supply and liquid food. Only a well designed and installed drip system can provide the greenhouse plants with slow and steady irrigation supply they need.

How Can You Design Your Own Greenhouse

Drip irrigation can be modified depending on the type of the soil (field) that is to be irrigated. Moreover things those are required in the setting up of the green house watering setup are tubing, pressure regulators, valves and other watering accessories gadgets). Pressure flow regulators can regulate the operating pressure of tubing. Slope of field, features of the soil and water resource should be studied carefully before assuring a green house watering layout. The need of water for a particular type of plant should determine a specific type of accessory such as emitter to be used.

Selecting the System

Seep hoses are full of thousands of small holes which allow water to drop slowly. Covered two or three inches under the soil, they supply water slowly and steadily and quite efficiently to the plants, with very little being lost due to evaporation and  without the higher risk of mildew or mould which over-wetting the leaves can bring. Greenhouse irrigation encourages good root formation, due to this system roots develops downwards rather than moving up wards or sideways in search of water, and allowing plant to stand firmly and securely in the soil. Drip irrigation systems work on a same concept, but are placed on the surface of the soil rather than burying under the soil, the water leaking out of small drip heads and straight into the soil which in certain ways is a more natural way for water to be delivered.

For Garden Lovers

For people who love to do gardening and want to leave in a short growing season area, then hobby greenhouse or greenhouse gardening is the best answer for this. Greenhouse gardening gives you a better environment to live in.