Bags for Drip Irrigation by TreeGator

What is it?

These bags are also called, are widely, heavy duty, plastic bags that can spread out to bear 20 gallon weigh of water, and even collapse to fit in a very small place.  They are zip on irrigation system for your new trees that are newly planted, or else that just requires more water in the months of summer. They zip to fit around the smaller trunks on trees nearly 4-5 inch caliper, and moreover have small hole in the base to drain the water out slowly over an hour’s time, to render deeper root watering. The targeted drip zone even helps in reducing the water loss that occurs with run of at the time when of watering a trees with the help of hose or sprinkler.

When are these Irrigation Bags Helpful

These irrigation bags are/ can be proved to be helpful in several ways;
• Initial weeks are the fist planting
• At the time of the drought or when tree is showing heat stress
• At the time when you are planning to encourage deeper root growth in poor soil
• When you think to reserve water, minimize the evaporation and reduce the excess spillage of water

How much they Cost

If you plan to purchase Gator Bag individually it will cost you like 25-30 $, in order to reduce the cost purchase in bulk.

Why you will like them

You will Treegators as they can help take the work out of caring for a transplant. The bag is easy to fill in minutes, and even offer a better as well as deeper drink for the tree than mere hose watering alone. The drip irrigation system softens the soil and encourages deeper root growth to grow healthy plants in long run.   In decent soil the bag will just need to fill once per week, and any homeowner can make use of one in order to get their new trees off to a good start.

Treegators can help make great addition in the tool kit, so for the DIY landscaper or even for those who are looking to protect their fruiting and ornamental trees; consider this as a great alternative to assist you keep your plants and trees healthy and avoid unnecessary and excessive wastage of water, time and money behind other sources of irrigation.

Things that can be proved to be an helpful to both to a business man or green industrial professional and even to a homeowner;

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