Go Green with Drip Irrigation Zone

Drip irrigation, also known as microirrigation or trickle irrigation, is a method of irrigation which facilitates saving your water and fertilizer by letting water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either directly onto the root zone or onto the soil surface, through a system of tubing, valves, pipes, and emitters. Whether you prefer drip irrigation for home garden or for anything else, it is the most efficient and cost-effective way of irrigation which offers numerous benefits.

Drip Irrigation Zone aims at providing you with up-to-date information and tips about drip irrigation. We assist you through taking decision and planning out process for installing drip irrigation. For the newbie, we offer excellent guide about several benefits of drip irrigation system, just like maintaining moisture level in the soil, making healthier plants in the garden, and savings water and your water bill.

Why Drip Irrigation?

Compared to sprinklers or surface irrigation, drip irrigation is a much more efficient way of watering shrubs and newly planted trees because:

  • Water is applied directly to the root zone.
  • Water is applied at a slow rate which is absorbed by the root ball.
  • No water wastage on the surrounding area.
  • Maintain the moisture level in the soil.
  • Foliage remains dry.

So, when it comes to establishing new plants, consider drip watering system. Depending upon the amount of water you provide that will determine success and failure of your new planting. And therefore, we’re committed to offering you a basic rundown of drip irrigation systems and some useful tips for successful installations.

Explore the huge line of drip irrigation products consisting of drip line, accessories, varieties of valves and controllers for efficient irrigation solutions. Get to know about useful information and product listing about drip watering for residential installation. We will assist you through planning and designing drip irrigation kits or parts into an efficient system. Our drip irrigation tutorials on the installation of a drip watering system along with product information and specifications can make your task easier.